NARS Are Bringin’ It! 2017 New Releases


Admittedly it’s been a little while since a makeup product has stirred me. Being in such a saturated market of makeup, both sampling and owning a lot of cosmetics makes it hard to impress. I don’t mean to sound like a makeup snob but being so over-exposed to it, leaves little room for surprises in terms of quality, performance and colour differentiation. A few things have launched recently from NARS that have really struck a chord with me. It looks like it is a hit start for NARS for 2017 with their latest releases. Continue reading

Long Haul In-Flight Essentials

#inthedarkages still using the iPod classic. It’s a classic!

Living in Australia and going on an International trip means that you will endure an incredibly long-haul flight. To give you some context, having travelled to Europe a few times, the total flight time can take anywhere between 21 to 26 hours. This week, I will be headed to New York City with a light 21 hour flight awaiting us. For an antsy, impatient person this is a very challenging feat having to sit in one spot for such a long period of time so I wanted to share some things that I do to make the time more bearable. I’ve also compiled a few tips on how to stay looking & feeling fresh during the flight so when you disembark the plane, you can still feel like somewhat of a human.  Continue reading