How To Store Double-Ended Makeup Brushes

Double-ended makeup brushes are having a moment right now and whilst some may consider them the best thing ever, others stare at them with contempt. They are quite good for versatility, but storing them is the bane of my existence (first world problems, I know!). I like to keep all my makeup brushes upright in a glass canister on my vanity at arms reach, ready for action. I realise now that this is not the best method of storing my dual-ended brushes as one side is being sacrificed to getting splayed and grubby, sigh. Consequently I would only end up using just one side of the brush and not both as intended. So here are some tips on how to best store these types of brushes and hopefully get some use of both ends.

Ps. Apologies in advance for my lame captions, I got a bit carried away! Continue reading

Burberry Beauty Eye Colour Contour Pen Review


Ever since cream eye shadows and eye shadow sticks became a thing, I have been dreaming that there would be a cream eye shadow stick available in a matte, medium-brown shade that I could simply pencil into my eye socket and lower lash line, blend quickly with my fingertip and move on with life. Well wait no longer, Burberry have recently created just that and launched the Burberry Eye Colour Contour Smoke & Sculpt Pens. The shades in the range are synonymous with the ‘Burberry Beauty’ Brand image of modern, grunge, chic – featuring smokey taupes, bronzey nudes, greys and matte neutrals. You won’t find a chunky glitter in this range! This range of Smoke & Sculpt Pens are right up my alley. Continue reading

Long Haul In-Flight Essentials

#inthedarkages still using the iPod classic. It’s a classic!

Living in Australia and going on an International trip means that you will endure an incredibly long-haul flight. To give you some context, having travelled to Europe a few times, the total flight time can take anywhere between 21 to 26 hours. This week, I will be headed to New York City with a light 21 hour flight awaiting us. For an antsy, impatient person this is a very challenging feat having to sit in one spot for such a long period of time so I wanted to share some things that I do to make the time more bearable. I’ve also compiled a few tips on how to stay looking & feeling fresh during the flight so when you disembark the plane, you can still feel like somewhat of a human.  Continue reading

KOH GEN DO Aqua Foundation Review


If you haven’t heard of KOH GEN DO, I don’t blame you as it’s not widely marketed internationally and I only came to know about this brand due to many, many dedicated hours online reading beauty blogs, going through online beauty stores and the brands they carry and watching a heck of a lot of YouTube. This a brand that was developed by a Japanese skincare-conscious actress about 30 years ago who wanted to make sure that long hours of wearing makeup under hot lights wouldn’t take a toll on her skin. Continue reading

Skin Status Update: Givin’ The Skin A Break!


You may remember back in 2015, I embarked on a journey to reduce the number of products used on my skin to allow for it to ‘breathe’. My completely bare skin had not seen the light of day or night for quite a long time. I thought it was about time to try a few experiments, re-evaluate what I was using on my skin and try going without product on my face in the evenings to see how my skin reacts. Continue reading