Chantecaille Brand Love


I’ve been meaning to post this blog up sooner, but you know, sometimes you just get caught up with life. So now I am back and have many posts coming up which I am very excited about.

I am starting back up by telling you that my mind has been blown in the most serendipitous way by the brand Chantecaille.
Let me take you back, way back to when I made my first high-end makeup purchase some 18 years ago with the help of my mum and some birthday money. I remember a friendly beauty consultant at the Prescriptives counter made me a custom concoction that changed my makeup world forever.  It was a far cry from the Cover Girl mask I wore on the daily back then. Then one day, in my early 20’s, I went to repurchase my foundation from Prescriptives only to find that the brand had been discontinued. I was fraught with devastation as I had searched far and wide for a foundation that didn’t react on my sensitive skin and matched my colour of Casper-white. Even back then, which wasn’t thaaaat long ago, it wasn’t so easy to get a good shade match for really fair skin. Since that day, my obsession with finding the perfect match, the perfect skin-like texture of foundation was born.

Fast forward many years (let’s call it a decade) and I stumbled across a brand called Chantecaille. I have tried quite a few of their products, ranging from skincare to cosmetics (details to follow) and I feel like I really need to give some serious brand love to Chantecaille. I am hooked on the quality of every single product that is in the range. You can just tell that a lot of attention has been given to the ingredients, the packaging and the range. So with this new found love for this brand, I set off to do some research to find out what this brand is all about. So this is where my mind gets blown – Sylvie Chantecaille started the Chantecaille brand in 1997. Prior to which, she had collaborated with Estée Lauder since 1979 to create the very brand that I was obsessed with for so many years – Prescriptives! I feel like I’ve returned to an old friend, who is even better, with a modern, more sophisticated oomph.

So get ready now for a love fest on the Chantecaille prodz I’ve tried. I’ll go in order of applying the products on my face — starting with skincare, base products, followed by eye and lip.

Chantecaille Vital Essence – there is your skin before using the ‘Vital Essence’ Serum and your skin after. It is one of those products where the outcome is hard to describe. It hydrates your skin (& perfect for use around the eyes too), evens skin tone and just makes your skin look fresh, dewy, lovely and perfectly prepped. An expensive brew but I really enjoyed using it. The packaging is stunning where the ingredients appear to be suspended in a clear liquid. A little goes a long way.

Chantecaille Flower Harmonizing Cream – A fantastic lightweight moisturiser for a great makeup base. A non-greasy formula, perfect for normal, combo-dry skin types.

Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation in ‘Alabaster’ – A gorgeous and natural-looking, radiant foundation. The best way to use this foundation is to stipple and roll the product into the skin as opposed to swiping to build up coverage. I like this product but sadly, I don’t love the jar packaging as I find it unhygienic and inconvenient to use.

Chantecaille Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer in ‘Alabaster’ – Another winner from the Chantecaille Range. Perfect for a quick and natural face with a light-medium coverage. Contains SPF 15 and is so easy to apply using your fingertips. The packaging comes in a handy tube which is more sanitary to use and convenient for travel or to chuck in your handbag.

Chantecaille Le Camouflage Stylo – A light coverage concealer/ highlighter pen, easy to use and perfect for the on-the-go. I like to apply this when I am not in the mood for wearing too much makeup as it gives a great luminosity under the eyes to freshen up the face. Also good for light concealing and touchups.

Chantecaille Mermaid Eye Colour in ‘Starfish’ – a new release by Chantecaille is this cream eyeshadow that has a texture which is somewhere in between a highly pigmented powder and a cream. It is an impressive dark bronze colour which is suitable for any eye and skin tone. I love applying this as a colour wash when going for a mono-eyeshadow look.

Chantecaille Mascara Faux Cils – This mascara delivers intense black pigment to lashes and that is one of the biggest things I look for in a mascara. When you open the tube, instantly you can smell the Rosewater that is in the formula. For those who are sensitive to scents, the smell wears off instantly but the intensity of this mascara remains all day. I found it smudge-proof, long-lasting, non-irritating, volumising and very black. The formula was a tad on the wet side which impacted its ability to hold a curl effectively but actually as the product oxidised over time and got a little drier, it held a curl better and better. I found this mascara lasted me about 6 months with daily wear.

Chantecaille Lip Chic in ‘Daphne’ – this luscious and creamy lipstick is probably on my top 3 lipsticks of all time. I really love this nude pinky coral. Very complimentary on fair skin and great for all day, every day and every occasion.

Have you tried any Chantecaille products? I’d love to hear which are your favourites?


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