How To Store Double-Ended Makeup Brushes

Double-ended makeup brushes are having a moment right now and whilst some may consider them the best thing ever, others stare at them with contempt. They are quite good for versatility, but storing them is the bane of my existence (first world problems, I know!). I like to keep all my makeup brushes upright in a glass canister on my vanity at arms reach, ready for action. I realise now that this is not the best method of storing my dual-ended brushes as one side is being sacrificed to getting splayed and grubby, sigh. Consequently I would only end up using just one side of the brush and not both as intended. So here are some tips on how to best store these types of brushes and hopefully get some use of both ends.

Ps. Apologies in advance for my lame captions, I got a bit carried away!

Upright and uptight

If you own any Real Techniques Brush Sets, they usually come with a nifty case for brushes. I absolutely love the case they come with as it’s perfect for travelling, is super convenient and also doesn’t take up much space. It happens to also be a great stand in which to store double-sided brushes in and looks cool on the vanity.


Layin’ around

Store brushes flat in your drawer in a pencil case or in a small rectangular plastic or cardboard box (as pictured above). I typically re-use the Mecca Beauty Loop boxes as they are the perfect size for storing loose pencils, mascaras and of course, double-sided brushes. Alternatively, using a utensil tray/drawer organiser to organise small loose cosmetic items would work a treat.


Stuck to the wall like a Gravitron in a theme park

Another alternative is to Blu-tack these babies on the inside of your drawer. This is the easiest way to store them in my opinion and works well for both slim and chunky  brushes too. It is surprisingly adhesive enough, even for the thicker brushes and is my favourite way to store them.


Brush Guards on guard

When travelling, I often rely on brush guards like these (pictured above), available from Beautylish to keep my brushes clean and maintain their shape. I just can’t handle putting a dirty, splayed makeup brush to my face. So I thought, why not extend their usability into the realm of daily use. The brush guard is made from woven Polyester and protects the bristles whilst allowing the bristles to breathe. If placed in a canister, the brush guard keeps the bristles elevated from the bottom and keeps it clean. The only thing to watch out for when putting on the brush guard is that it can be cumbersome due to the nature of this type of brush. Typically to put it on, you should slide it from the bottom of the brush handle. However, since both ends have bristles, you will need to be  extra careful not to splay the brush. In this case, I opted for a slightly larger sized guard so it was easier to apply.

S-Hooks holding the fort

Another idea is to use 2 S-Hooks and clip it onto the outside of a container to create a hanging option to hold your brush horizontally. It is not the prettiest way to store it, but it does the job right.

A final alternative is to store them in the plastic tube that they came in (if they did). I know that the IT Cosmetics brush comes in a handy plastic tube that I was using for some time. The main thing to remember is to also clean the inside of the tube when you wash your brushes to keep the area free from bacteria and old makeup residue. A spray of Isopropyl/alcohol in the tube + a good wipe down is a good way to keep it clean.

I’d love to hear if you have come across an easy and convenient way to store dual-ended brushes?


One thought on “How To Store Double-Ended Makeup Brushes

  1. Thanks for these suggestions! I store mine in a tray laying flat in a drawer. I feel your pain with the struggle to store double ended brushes in a way that won’t compromise the bristles. Target has these plastic organizer trays in different sizes and that’s what I use. Easy to clean and separate brushes for easy access and functionality.


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