Burberry Beauty Eye Colour Contour Pen Review


Ever since cream eye shadows and eye shadow sticks became a thing, I have been dreaming that there would be a cream eye shadow stick available in a matte, medium-brown shade that I could simply pencil into my eye socket and lower lash line, blend quickly with my fingertip and move on with life. Well wait no longer, Burberry have recently created just that and launched the Burberry Eye Colour Contour Smoke & Sculpt Pens. The shades in the range are synonymous with the ‘Burberry Beauty’ Brand image of modern, grunge, chic – featuring smokey taupes, bronzey nudes, greys and matte neutrals. You won’t find a chunky glitter in this range! This range of Smoke & Sculpt Pens are right up my alley.

The pens really feel luxurious, housed in Burberry’s trademark, metallic, titanium-grey packaging. These shadow sticks glide on easily with no eyelid-drag and are very blendable. Whilst that’s a fantastic thing and a crucial element I look out for in these types of products, these can also tend to over-blend the pigment out a bit, so I like to do two layers of the product to achieve my desired look. The shadows are buildable with a medium coverage finish, perfect for day-time wear. You can also use these on their own or under a powder shadow for extra durability and oomph. They are so easy and quick to use that they have become a part of my new daily staples in my makeup routine.

I have the shades Almond #104 and Dusky Mauve #116. These shades are very versatile and complimentary to one another, delivering on the ‘Smoke & Sculpt’ claim, smoking up with the ‘Dusky Mauve’ and sculpting the eye with the ‘Almond’. The ‘Almond’ shade is great as a eye contouring shade for fair skin however it may not be intense enough once blended out for our darker friends. The ‘Dusky Mauve’ is a beautiful metallic, muted greyish, pinky-bronze colour which is reminiscent of a light MAC Satin Taupe (my all-time favourite eye shadow). Again, this light smokey shade would work for fair skin but may not be intense enough for darker skin tones once blended.

Top: Dusky Mauve #116 // Bottom: Almond #104 (swatches unblended)

The domed tip of the pen fits comfortably in the eye-socket, along the lashline and glides on effortlessly. Personally, I like that the pigment in these crayons are buildable and not too intense as I find it gives the perfect definition to the eye without looking like you are overdone or wearing too much eye makeup. They have good longevity on the eye for at least 8 hours without creasing but I do find that the shade slightly changes by the end of the day. After about 8-10 hours of wear (on me), the shade gives off more of a grey tone, but irrespective of that, I actually still love it.


This is a luxury, pricey item and you could certainly find eye shadow pens and crayons at a much lower price point but I find the shades, blendability and quality is not the same. However, there are some great ones out there that are more cost-effective, such as the L’Oreal Colour Riche Crayons – though the quality in the L’Oreal range is inconsistent, the shade ‘Enigmatic Brown’ is a winner. Too bad I can’t say the same for the ‘Smoky Taupe’ Shade in the L’Oreal range, as it was impossible to blend out without destroying my eyelids.

Let me know if you have tried any of the Burberry Beauty Eye Colour Contour Pens and what you think of them?


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