Inspiration or Procrastination?

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Do you ever find yourself watching endless reels of YouTube clips and living vicariously through other people’s vlogs to find inspiration? Do you watch video after video of educational Ted talks, researching articles and read books to help you achieve your goals? I certainly do.

Today I realised that whilst these are all great activities to boost inspiration and motivation, too much of this activity can lead you to experience inertia. There is so much information out there in cyberspace that research can seem like an endless task. I always tell people you gotta just do it and that nothing can ever be truly perfect, sometimes you just have to let it go; although at times it can also be challenging taking my own advice. I know from personal experience that this can also be debilitating when it comes to decision-making. Personally I find that when I am trying to research something I get overwhelmed with information and find more and more elements that need to covered before committing to whatever decision or action I wanted to make or take.

This post is not one of my traditional posts, but more about recognising when you are disguising what you should be doing by endlessly researching articles, videos or sources and that you just need to switch it all off and activate! My new turn of phrase is ‘activation’. Put into action what you have been putting off and just get into it. Put yourself out there, make decisions, don’t be afraid to fail because you can only learn to be better through failure.

 So get out there, do the best you can……just do it!


5 thoughts on “Inspiration or Procrastination?

  1. Hi Alice, I can certainly relate to your post and have been adopting a similar practice in my life lately. In fact, after years of thinking about starting a blog, debating about what to make it about (I have many interests), I decided to just bite the bullet and do it. I was reminded of the old Nike motto “Just Do It.”

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    1. @quelle élégance That’s awesome! Blogging can be so exciting an rewarding too! I will keep an eye out for your blog and definitely check it out. The Nike Motto is the best…. “Just do it” 🙂


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