New Makeup For Ever Ultra HD Foundation – ‘Your Skin BUT Amazing’

Makeup For Ever Ultra HD FoundationIt is true, totally true that this foundation is pretty much invisible. Bloggers love the term ‘your skin but better’, but let me introduce you to a new term, ‘your skin but amazing’.

This Ultra HD foundation is ultra everything – ultra hydrating, ultra smooth, ultra incognito coverage and ultra spectacular. I have been stalking Sephora for months to hunt this down and as part of the 2nd Sephora opening in Australia, we finally got stock and I took the last one in my shade (woohoo)!

Makeup For Ever Ultra HD Foundation Pump bottleTo begin with the product was made specifically for television because as pixels are getting finer and finer, skin imperfections are becoming more difficult to mask on-screen. MUFE has taken their iconic MUFE HD Foundation and developed it even further. With the introduction of Ultra HD, it certainly takes foundation to a new level proving that flawless skin is not far away (even with 4K screens).

New MUFE Ultra HD is made with hyaluronic spheres, which makes the foundation incredibly hydrating and comfortable to wear as well as giving it a natural finish. It really delivers a gorgeous, luminous and flawless base. Coverage can be built up easily with zero cakiness, doesn’t settle in creases of the face and does not cling to dry patches. I must say and emphasise this point – the way you apply this foundation makes a huge difference in how it sits on the skin. Smoothing/spreading the foundation in strokes over the face with either a buffing brush or flat foundation brush does not give the best results. Here are my recommendations on how to achieve a lasting and flawless finish with decent coverage using the MUFE HD Ultra Foundation:

For light coverage: use a buffing brush and buff 1-2 pumps over the face. For areas where you want to build coverage, stipple/dab the product on areas that need a little more coverage. This seems to work a treat. You could also go in with a beauty blender and smooth over any areas as required.

For medium+ coverage: using a buffing brush, work the product in sections on your face. Start by dabbing the product down the centre of your face and work your way out, dabbing all the way through. This dabbing/stippling technique will build coverage effortlessly without streaking. As this foundation is really light and thin in texture, you may find that you will use up to 2 pumps for the face but don’t be afraid to layer this product and use as much as required because it simply melts into the skin.

If using a flat foundation brush, it works really well using this type of brush too. The technique to use should be a patting motion for the entire face, rather than spreading the product across your face as you would normally do with this type of brush.

Optional – finish with a setting powder. I have been loving this with the Laura Mercier Transclucent Loose Setting Powder followed by a good spray of Mac Fix+ or Pixi Glow Mist for a lasting glow.

I use the shade Y235 Ivory Beige and it is a perfect match for me. Even though I have pinky undertone, I prefer neutral shades of foundation to give a warmer tone to the skin. As with the original MUFE foundations, this also comes in an amazing range of shades so you are certain to find a shade to suit. It really goes on like a dream, it’s incredibly lightweight and stays looking natural all day.

This foundation is perfect for normal-to-dry skin, giving the skin a really beautiful, radiant glow. Personally I don’t think that I would reach for this foundation for oily skin types as it might be too hydrating on the skin.

Let me know if you have tried the new Makeup For Ever Ultra HD Foundation? What do you think?


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