Impressions of Lancome’s New Miracle Cushion

Lancome Miracle Cushion

After watching Lisa Eldridge apply this product on her YouTube channel few months ago, I have been eagerly awaiting its release in Australia. Typical of the Australian market, the product is usually released a few (long) months after other countries in the world. The new product by Lancome, called Miracle cushion is inspired by Korean makeup which uses a cushion (a porous sponge) that is soaked heavily in liquid foundation. This product is dispensed through the sponge by pressing the sponge into the compact. The idea is of ultimate convenience – no brushes and easy to use on-the-go to keep you looking fresh all day long. The colour range was impressive as they had a shade that matched me perfectly (#1 Neutral Porcelain).

The product is packaged in a compact, similar to powder compacts, but of course this is no powder. This is every dry-skinned girl’s equivalent of an on-the-go touch up tool. The sponge that it comes with is designed especially for the product so it applies product flawlessly and effortlessly with no streaks – so no brushes or blending is needed.

The product has a thin consistency and with the use of the sponge applicator, it disperses the thinnest layer of foundation on your skin. I find this product to be very natural-looking and minimally buildable for coverage. I would describe this product as a light coverage foundation that gives a very smoothing effect to the skin. I found the best way to use the product was to press and roll the sponge onto the skin, going over the areas where you need more coverage, then finishing off with pinpoint concealing work on any discolourations or blemishes.

After about 5 hours of wear (no primer, just on top of moisturiser), I noticed that some of the product had started to fade, but only minimally. Luckily, I pulled out the compact that I had strategically placed into my handbag for this very reason and with a very light touch up, was back to a polished finish.

Lancome Miracle Cushion Sponge

Overall, I am impressed with the foundation, the colour,  the application of the product and the fact that it contains SPF 23 is an added bonus. I do find that it is not as quick of a process as applying regular foundation with a buffing brush, but the effect for a light coverage product is quite nice. The foundation sets to a sheer velvet finish – not too dewy and not matte. This product is incredibly light and looks very natural which I love, especially for daytime wear.

For those (like me) who are concerned about hygiene and re-dipping the sponge into the cushion, fear not, as it is especially made with antimicrobial properties to ensure that bacteria doesn’t transfer. When the sponge gets a bit manky, you can wash it in warm soapy water and it should be fine to use again. I wish it came with a spare though, so you don’t have to wait for it to dry before using the product again.

Tips: if the product starts to run out, just turn the compact upside down and let the product soak through the cushion.  You can also take some tweezers (make sure they are clean), lift out the cushion and turn it over as the underside has a lot of product soaked into it. They say one cushion should last 2 months with regular use.

I think this is a good product for those who don’t know which Korean cushion to try and where to buy them from. I would really love to try out some of the Korean versions to see how it measures up. They must be pretty darn good if Lancome is copying them.

Let me know if you’ve tried the Lancome Miracle Cushion or any of its Korean sisters?


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