Gentle Makeup Removal – Quick and Easy


Step 1: Remove Eye Makeup
Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellaire Water – you know the drill folks; I can’t get enough of this stuff! Bioderma is a super sensitive product and ideal as an eye makeup remover. This magical water even melts away mascara from your lashes. I like to soak a cotton pad and then hold it over each eye for a minute before swiping away the mascara. I do not recommend to scrub at your eyes as you will only create wrinkles!

Step 2: Remove Face Makeup
The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil is an excellent cleansing oil and is up there in quality with some of the big guys, just without the hefty price tag. It gives excellent results for a fraction of the cost. The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing oil is safe for sensitive skin and easily breaks down makeup. Simply apply onto dry skin and lightly massage over the face. Add water to emulsify and rinse off.

Step 3: Final cleanse
I recommend to follow the makeup removal with the First Aid Beauty – Face Cleanser to remove any leftover residue. ‘First Aid Beauty’, otherwise known as FAB, is a new name around town. I was drawn to the simplistic and travel-friendly packaging of the FAB Face Cleanser and decided to give it a whirl. At first I thought it was like any other cleanser and was a bit apprehensive when it began to foam upon application. I generally try to avoid foaming cleansers as they tend to strip the skin. However after using it for a few days I realised that this is one of the most gentle cleansers that I have ever used (on par with the Go-To Properly Clean Cleanser), which says a lot! This cleanser really gets on well with my skin and I am already finishing up tube #3. It claims that it can be used to remove makeup, but in my opinion this product would only remove very light makeup. This is a 5-STAR daily cleanser and totally worth the hype it’s recently been getting with other bloggers too. It leaves the skin feeling clean without stripping it of natural oils. I love this!

For those occasional lazy nights you can skip all the above and just use Bioderma to remove your makeup, safe for the eyes and your entire face! Just swipe over your face and that’s it! No rinsing required.

Step 4: Moisturise!
Follow with a nourishment product of your choice such as a face oil or moisturising cream.

Happy cleansing folks!


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