Stila steals a moment and opens my eyes…

STILA ‘Eyes Are The Window’ Shadow Palette – Mind


Wowee….when I laid my eyes on this jewel, I was blown away by the packaging. So sleek, so shiny and the shade selection which features 12 matte shades, is just perfection.

Encased in an embossed gold case with a magnetic closure, the palette opens to reveal a giant mirror inside and a plastic protective slip with a quote on it. I am a sucker for quotes and this one I just love…  “the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” – Albert Einstein


This product was recommended to me by the gorgeous YouTuber, Elle from Onceuponabeautytime and she was right – I love it!

The Palette contains an impressive collection of matte shadows from light bone shades, taupe, brassy orange, to dark purple and black. The combination of colours can create a multitude of looks and is great for creating a neutral eye with a 60’s revival feel which is having a vogue moment right now.

There are 4 palettes as part of the ‘Eyes are the Window‘ Collection: Body, Soul, Spirit and Mind. The concept of these palettes just works me up into a tizzy. I really enjoy how they pull all the elements together – the name of the palettes, the names of the shades, the quote inside and the idea of the eyes being the window to your… Body/Soul/Spirit/Mind. The names of the 12 shades are also akin to the palette concept:
Brilliance, Instinct, Reason, Imagination, Observation, Thinker, Genius, Wit, Creativity, Understanding, Perception and Intellect.

The Palette also comes with a booklet with a few looks curated by the STILA makeup team. I have tried the looks and they are a little too meh for me, which says a lot, as I mainly wear nude shades anyway. However, this could come down to the pigmentation of some of the shades. There was inconsistency with the quality of the shades as a few were not pigmented enough, whilst others had really good colour pay-off. Again, for some shades, the blendability does leave room for improvement. The shadows were on the powdery side and you do need to tap off the excess product before applying. I noticed The grey and mauve shades had an occasional patchy application that needed extra attention to blend out, whilst the rest were pretty darn good.

STILA market the shadows as being able to be used wet or dry, however I would not recommend dipping a damp brush into the shadows as it creates a hard surface over the shadows and makes them unusable.

Even after mentioning the drawbacks of the shadows, I still very much enjoy using the palette and I find myself reaching for it often. It is perfect for travelling and overall I would definitely recommend the palette. With 12 shades, working out to be around $5.70 AUD per shade, it is not too shabby. And if you catch them on special, it works out at $4 AUD per shade.

Mecca stocks these palettes for $68 AUD
BeautyBay currently has this on special for $48 AUD with free shipping

Let me know if you have tried this palette and what you thought of it?


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