Go-To Skincare Exfoliating Swipeys Review

This is my favourite product from the Go-To Skincare range. I feel now that I have been using this product for almost 4 months I am at liberty to express my opinion on it. I have been reserving judgement because I had never used similar products to this before, i.e. chemical-type exfoliants. Now I can officially say that I love this product. I have noticed a significant improvement in my skin’s reduced flakiness, dryness and my skin feels much smoother than it has ever been. In the past I was not an avid exfoliator as I didn’t like the idea of scraping my skin’s surface with little beads which often left me with red, blotchy and angry skin.

The Swipeys are made with lactic acid, a form of AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) which is naturally occuring from foods such as sour or fermented milk. For centuries sour milk-related products have been used for skin healing around the world. I remember growing up and getting a sunburn and my grandmother slathering buttermilk, milk or sour cream (whatever she could find in the fridge) on my back to relieve the burn and protect the skin. It worked and to this day if I ever get burnt, applying some cold milk to the area certainly helps. If nothing else it will at least cool the area down.

Now, back to the Swipeys – they improve skin texture and hydration levels, they help to prep skin for other products so they can be absorbed better and as a result,  be more effective. The Swipeys also smell amazing, like a fresh citrus plate in a spa.

AHA’s are also known to assist with removing dead skin cells, reducing pigmentation, reduce signs of ageing and encourage cell renewal for a glowy complexion. Yes, this product certainly does all of this in my experience. I had a pigmentation mark on my upper cheek and after using this for about 2 months, the spot completely disappeared.

Whilst this sounds like a miracle product, there are also disclaimers about using them too regularly. Always follow the instructions on the pack. Swipeys should be used a maximum of 3 times a week. Using AHA’s can help to remove dead skin cells but it also can leave your skin vulnerable and more sensitive to the sun, so it is important to be vigilant about sun protection. Also, as this is a chemical exfoliant, one must be careful not to over-exfoliate the skin as it can result in thinner skin without allowing enough time for the skin to rejuvenate itself.

The Swipeys are super convenient, containing easy-to-use, individually soaked pads that can be used and then disposed of.

After cleansing, I wipe this product over my face and neck, avoiding the eye area and then rinse off with lukewarm water as advised on the pack . After using this product I finish off with either a face oil or the Go-To Very Useful Face Cream and then off to bed.

For more info on the Go-To Skincare range, click here [right here].

Good night, sleep tight


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