Kimbra – The Golden Echo (Album Review)

Kimbra’s 2nd album, The Golden Echo, has been eagerly awaited since her debut album, Vows, which had incredible success and received global acclaim back in 2010. Kimbra opens her album with a massive track, “Teen Heat”, demonstrating what we can expect from the rest of the album – with chorus harmonies making you stop and wonder which era you are in. This is a modern & edgy pop album that outlines her versatility as an artist. The thing I love about Kimbra is her deviation from mainstream music that is filling our radios and her ability to bring in new concepts and beats when you least expect it in her songs.

Kimbra’s music has been described as eclectic, electro pop and I certainly agree with this. Kimbra captures the essence of the 90’s with this album and adds a modern twist to the sounds, all the while, transporting you in time and back into your baggy tencel jeans (just don’t forget to roll one pant up).

Her 90’s take is on point and I love that she went there! She delivers an ode to the originals of the times with track, “90’s music”, brings a funky vibe with “Madhouse” and I love the electronic bass breakdown in “Love in High Places”. Of course, I shouldn’t forget to mention my fave song on the album being “Goldmine”.
Overall this is a cool concept album proving that 90’s music isn’t over. The album is a modern take of R&B themes. So if you love 90’s music, if you love Kimbra and if you love old-school R&B, you will probably love this just as much as I do.
Have you listened to this album? Let me know what you think of it?


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