HARTS – Daydreamer Album

Let me start off by making a big call here – I am rating this album my favourite album by a new artist in 2014. Why heck, let’s just call it my favourite album of the year!

Rarely has an entire album literally stopped me in my tracks. When my husband came home and put Harts through the speakers, I instantly stopped what I was doing and had to know immediately who we were listening to. From the beginning of the album a bluesy, rock song called “Red & Blue” literally took my breath away with its deep sounding guitar and rocking guitar solos. Everyone who knows me knows that guitar solos are my weakness, they take me into another world and give me goosebumps in the best possible way. Well, what can I say……….. Harts certainly delivers. 
I am not the only one who thinks so either, none other than musical superstar Prince is also a big fan of Harts’ debut album. So much so, that he invited Harts out to jam with him at his recording studios in Minneapolis, USA! 
From one track to the next, the album just keeps me engrossed. With up-tempo beats reminiscent of the likes of Daft Punk crossed over with Hendrix-like guitar, bringing together the old world and the new. Whilst songs like ‘Under Falling Skies’ & ‘The Last Two Three’ spring onto me feelings of sentimental nostalgia. 

When I found out that this ‘cool band’ is actually just one guy – writing his own songs, playing all the instruments on the album and doing all of the pre/post-production himself, I thought wow! What a talent. I can’t wait to hear what else Harts will bring to the table in future. Fingers crossed for another Sydney show coming up. 

And of course not to forget a mention, Harts is a fellow Australian! 

You can check him out here: http://www.hartsmusic.com/ 
And for an up close and personal interview with the one-man-band himself – check out this interview by Rob Esse: Rob Esse Presents HARTS

Last words…. can’t get enough of this album! Give it a listen and let me know what you think of it, and what are your favourite albums of 2014?

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