…Could this be the best liquid eye liner?

Eve Pearl Smudgeproof Liquid Eyeliner – Black Pearl

…Could this be the best liquid eye liner? This is a statement that I have never ever said about a liquid eyeliner before… but YES…… I believe this most definitely IS.

  • Smudgeproof (tick)
  • Ease of control (tick)
  • Drawing fine lines, no problem! (tick)
  • Drawing thicker lines, no problem! (tick)
  • Intense bold, solid, black colour instantly (tick)
  • Long Lasting (tick)
  • Buildable (tick)
  • Easy to remove without dragging the delicate skin on your eyelid (tick)
  • And… did I mention…..you have total control?!?
Who is Eve Pearl I hear you ask?
Several years ago, I attended IMATS in Sydney and Eve Pearl was there herself, marketing her cosmetics range. It turns out she is a 5 time Emmy Award winning makeup artist who is most renowned for her work on the popular TV Show, ‘The View’. At the time, I didn’t know who she was – boy, I wish I knew back then so I could pick her brain a little more.
I want to preface this review by stating that I have had this product for at least 2 years now and it is still as moist (can you say that?!) and gives the same dense black colour as the day I bought it. The tapered tip is just perfect for thin line application, it glides over the eyelid and allows greater control of the product and application. Admittedly I struggle with liquid liners – the usual deal, one eye is perfect the other one doesn’t match and then we start again (sigh). Using the Eve Pearl Eyeliner pen, I seem to just get it right each and every time.  The colour is solid, no need to go over it again and again to get the desired intensity; it is there with the first stroke.
The brush is a brush tip, not a felt tip like you see in many other liquid eyeliner pens. This tip aids precise application and doesn’t need to mimic a brush because essentially it is a brush.
The lid clicks into place with a spring cap so there is no chance of the lid coming off in your makeup bag and drying out the pen.
I absolutely love this product, would definitely repurchase and really wish it came in a dark Navy colour too. If you ask me, I say try it!

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