Walking through the streets of Sydney there are always things that can catch your eye. Here are just some that caught mine on a recent out and about day around town.

Gotta love the “Attempted Mustache” effort Loudon has put in just for this album cover and I am not quite sure if that is a bear or what standing next to him. We actually didn’t buy this album from the market although we couldn’t stop laughing at the cover. But you know what, we bought a different album by Loudon (entitled ‘Unrequited’) – and that is one funny album. Listening to the flip side of the record, which was recorded live, one can just imagine sitting in a small club in the 70’s listening to his showmanship on stage and having a good old drink and a laugh with some mates.
Loudon Wainwright is the father of singer/songwriter Rufus Wainwright.
I really wanted to buy this book! A book dedicated to variations of gnomes across the world. Does it get any better than this?!  #MissedOpportunity
I couldn’t resist a cute dalmatian…
Now, have you ever come across a cooler backpack than this? I couldn’t resist snapping this guy walking the streets of Paddington.
An unfortunate sign, but hilarious nonetheless…
mmmm yummmmo… Dolce Nutella Pizza
Finishing up the day relaxing in the park…

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