Wayne Goss Brush Review – ‘The Anniversary Set’

Alice Gloss

I treated myself to a birthday present last year and purchased the Wayne Goss ‘The Anniversary Set’ of makeup brushes. This makeup brush set is advertised as a limited edition set, but really, it’s been limited for the longest time. I purchased them in 2016 around September, so not sure how limited they really are. Admittedly though, I had to wait for about a month for it to be back in stock at the time.

The Wayne Goss (to be lovingly referred to as WG going forward) ‘Anniversary Set’ consists of 8 brushes that have been curated as an overall ‘basics’ set by Wayne from his extensive brush range. The brushes are sleek, black and fabulous. They are laser embossed with the Wayne Goss Branding in pink (which as you can see in the pics hasn’t worn off at all, even with regular use for about a year). Aesthetically, Wayne has nailed the line. Continue reading

NARS Are Bringin’ It! 2017 New Releases


Admittedly it’s been a little while since a makeup product has stirred me. Being in such a saturated market of makeup, both sampling and owning a lot of cosmetics makes it hard to impress. I don’t mean to sound like a makeup snob but being so over-exposed to it, leaves little room for surprises in terms of quality, performance and colour differentiation. A few things have launched recently from NARS that have really struck a chord with me. It looks like it is a hit start for NARS for 2017 with their latest releases. Continue reading

HOURGLASS Illume Sheer Colour Trio Palette Review


The new Hourglass Illume Sheer Colour Trio is a beautiful face palette that is the quintessential item for Spring/Summer. Comprising of 3 cream shades, a highlighter, a blush and a bronzer in one single, beautiful palette. This is the perfect makeup accompaniment going into warmer weather. This palette allows you to accentuate your features with a natural and healthy glow. The creamy, subtle-toned formula of each shade still allows your skin to shine through, which is perfect for an everyday put-together look. Continue reading